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Payment is due in full prior to commencement of production. We accept payments in the form of T/T or Paypal. Yppromotion will not ship any order prior to payment. We will not accept any other forms of payment other than those listed above. PO's can be used only if payment is received prior to production.


As a part of our Consumer Protection program to ensure the owner of the credit card is indeed aware of the payment transaction being made, orders with unusual and/or mismatching billing-related information will be detected by the system as High Risk. These High-Risk orders will be placed on the pending list. Production and Shipping timeline will not start to count until the high risk and all other pending issues can be verified, thus your timely cooperation to provide supportive documents is strongly recommended and appreciated.


We do not ship orders COD; we do not offer credit terms or Net 30 credit accounts. We are not responsible for delays in order processing due to declined credit cards, wait for check or delays in PO faxes. Declined credit cards of any type will remain in pending status until the issue is fixed. We will attempt to contact our customers via email and phone calls but if we receive no reply the order will stay in pending. We are not at fault for any late orders due to credit card issues of any kind.


Order Subtotal amount does not include Sales Tax. Please note we are required by state law to collect Sales Tax from all customers located in Texas and this is not in our decision to waive this amount under any circumstance, unless the purchase orders are for business purposes and you can provide us a State Tax ID or Tax Exempt Certificate - as it is stated in the state law.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to not produce phrases on products that we determine to be offensive, vulgar, violent, or in any way disagree with our policies, procedures, morals, and ethics. All orders go into production the following business day of the payment transaction. No faxed/emailed PO's will be referred to by the customer's PO number. We will only refer to our order number.


Proofs and order previews from our website enable you to preview and approve a product to make sure the artwork or design comes out the way how it should be and if the color combination looks good when they're put together, but they will not depict the final product exactly as they are merely computer-generated images. Proofs or order previews from our website are just approximate previews and do not guarantee an exact match. On certain products, the number of times the artwork being repeated on the final products could be different from the digital proofs or order previews as the length or the dimension ratio of the actual products might be different from the digital representation of the products on the proofs or order previews. The actual print location might be slightly adjusted to fit the actual printable area of the products. The actual colors might look a few shades darker or lighter due to the difference in monitor's resolutions and also between the monitor and the actual production color mixture.

The proofing process is separate from the Production and Shipping timeline estimated by our website. If proof is requested, Production Time and Shipping Time will not begin until the customer approves the proof and fully pay for the order. This is why requesting proof usually adds several days to the overall order timeline. If an order is required to be delivered by a specific date,  proof may delay production, thus jeopardizing your chances of receiving the order in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on such orders. If you request proof, please check your e-mail inbox often, as well as your spam folder, so you can promptly review and approve the proof.

Proofs are not intended to be "decision-making tools" for the customer. There will be no option to cancel an order simply because the proof is not meeting your expectations. Please do not place an order merely to obtain proof, as the order will be binding.

In certain cases, we will begin the production before proof is approved. Proofs will only be produced more than once if our Art Department makes a mistake on the previous attempt. Proofs do not override what is on the invoice. The cost of proof is $20 and is non-refundable even when the order is canceled or refunded.


Any order that is "In Production" cannot be changed. Phone orders can only be changed prior to the payment transaction. Online orders can ONLY be changed within 5 minutes of the order being placed but it will be noted but not guaranteed. Changing the order includes correcting a misspelling or message. Changes might be attempted but are not guaranteed under any circumstance after the order is placed.

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