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Custom Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Badges Wholesale

Soft enamel is the most popular choice for creating enamel pins and a favourite for beginners. It generally has more colour options, with richer and more vibrant colours available. Using soft enamel also lets you get more texture detail into your design, The coloured paint is recessed into the metal mould, giving the pins a textured feel. The dimensional look of soft enamel is what makes so many people drawn to them.

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Specification of Soft Enamel Pins  

Material:zinc alloy die casting, iron/brass stamping, stainless steel/brass photo etched, bite version/ stainless steel/brass offset printing, Kirschner printing
Plating Color:Gold/Antique Gold/Misty Gold/Silver/Antique Silver/Misty Silver/Nickel /Black Nickel/Antique Nickel / Misty Nickel / Copper / Antique Copper / Brass / Antique Brass / Rhodium / Double tone plating
Metal craft Process:Draw artwork-make mould-make rough products-polish-coloring-bake-plating-stoning-attachments-inspection-packing

Features of Soft Enamel Pins

As a professional enamel pin manufacturer, Yppomotion, with its own factory, makes soft and hard enamel pins, especially custom enamel lapel pins. Here are some features of soft enamel lapel pin badges.

  • Soft enamel can be covered with epoxy on the surface to protect.

  • Soft enamel is cheaper than hard enamel

  • Unlike hard enamel pin badges, soft enamel is coloring after plating,

  • Soft enamel is cheaper than hard enamel and takes shorter production time.

  • Soft enamel is recessed than metal line

Application of Soft Enamel Pins

  • Can be used as custom logo promotional items, the logo as a badge, can be used for publicity and advertising

  • Can be used as decoration, can be placed in clothes, hats, bags and other places

  • Remembrance and Collection

Soft vs Hard Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins are two types of enamel pins that differ in their manufacturing process and final appearance.

Soft enamel pins are made by filling the recessed areas of a metal pin with enamel paint, which is then baked at a low temperature to cure the enamel. This process creates a slightly raised surface and a textured feel to the pin. Soft enamel pins have a more "handmade" or rustic look and feel.

Hard enamel pins, on the other hand, are made by adding multiple layers of enamel paint, which are then polished down to create a smooth, flat surface. The enamel is then baked at a high temperature to harden and create a durable, glossy finish. Hard enamel pins have a more polished and professional look.

Soft and hard enamel pins can be made in a wide range of colours and designs. The choice between the two largely depends on the desired aesthetic and budget. Soft enamel pins are generally less expensive to produce, while hard enamel pins are more durable and have a higher perceived value.

Metal Plating Options Of Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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Accessories Of Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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Packing Of Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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Production Process Of Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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Customer Feedback about Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Customer service is always patient. Hight quality products that always look great and have nice communication.

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Soft Enamel Pin

Product received. Excellent quality work. I developed the art and final product was exactly as I intended it to be.

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Top-quality product. We made the art and the company executed exactly what we wanted. Excellent service and even better service. I recommend it to everyone.

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Soft Enamel Pin
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