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Custom Made Acrylic Keychains/Keyrings Bulk/Wholesale

Custom made acrylic keychain wholesale can be made according to customers' requirements of different shapes and sizes and specifications. The hanging part applies transparent acrylic material and is made according to the different needs of demanders. Designers can design a variety of product patterns, and then according to the requirements of specific shapes, sizes, and specifications that can be printed enterprise LOGO pattern, cartoon modeling, exquisite style, etc., which is the ideal choice for various enterprises to promote workers' spirits.

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Specification of Promotional Custom Acrylic Keychains Bulk/Wholesale

Product Type:

Acrylic keychain

Material:Acrylic, plastic, resin, epoxy
Size:Customized Wholesale Promotional Items
Color:CMYK Printing (one-side or double-sided)
Supported File:JPG, PNG, PDF, CDR, AI, etc.

How to Make Custom Acrylic Keychains Bulk/Wholesale And What are the Key Points?

1. Mold making. As you know, acrylic plate through vacuum positioning, suction molding, even if it is the same word, different sizes also need different molds, and mold production itself requires high precision and good quality. Because the precision and quality of the mold production itself are directly related to the quality of acrylic personalized products, and the mold production has a high level of technology, the need for experienced technical personnel. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the current market has been acrylic personalized keychain brand high price, mold processing should be said to be one of the main costs.

2. Screen processing according to the different needs of customers, through screen printing directly transfer the picture to the acrylic plate, after the vacuum suction molding, the picture of people or animals or commodity image, but also to blister into three-dimensional effect, so as to get better publicity effect.

How To Order Custom Acrylic Keychains Wholesale?

To order custom acrylic keychains, you can follow these steps:

1. Determine the design and quantity of keychains you want to order. You can create your own design using graphic design software or hire a designer to create one for you.

2. Contact the custom acrylic keychain maker or supplier and inquire about their services. Provide them with your design and specify the number of keychains you want to order. You can also ask for a quote for the cost of your order.

3. Review the quote and make sure it includes all the details of your order such as the design, size, color, and quantity. If everything looks good, proceed to place your order.

4. Once you have placed your order, the acrylic keychain maker will typically provide you with proof of the design for your approval. Review the proof carefully and make any necessary changes before giving your final approval.

5. After you have approved the design, the acrylic keychain maker will begin production of your custom acrylic keychains. Depending on the quantity and complexity of your order, production may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

6. Once your keychains are ready, the custom acrylic keychain supplier will ship them to you. Make sure to inspect them carefully upon arrival to ensure that they meet your expectations.

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