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PVC Roller Coasters For Sale

PVC Roller Coasters provided by YP Promotion accepts custom orders. The shape, color, and printing can be adjusted according to your certain requirements. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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Specification of PVC Coaster

Material:Rubber PVC
Shape:Custom shapes and size
1. PVC coasters made of PVC rubber come in various types and occupy a large part of the market share in the sales market.
2. Like the PVC rubber keychain, this kind of rubber coaster, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, simulation model, etc., can be favoured by most consumers.
3. In addition, the coaster with the company and corporate LOGO is added to the ranks of rubber coaster, making them in order to win more Much better visual effects and advertising effects, while virtually expanding the number of market sales of rubber coasters, appear to be as common as custom PVC patches in daily life.

Features of PVC Coaster

  • Soft PVC coasters can be used in bars, coffee bars and other beverage entertainment venues, and can be used as company logo promotional items to enhance the image.

  • The PVC roller coaster is soft and protects the friction between the cup and the table; at the same time, it can also have a good heat insulation effect.

  • The printed logo can inculcate brand awareness for customers invisibly; not afraid of water, not afraid of dirt, simple cleaning can be restored like New.

Production Process of Custom PVC Coasters

Production Process of Custom PVC Coasters

Customer Feedback About PVC Roller Coaster

Perfect communication, quality goods and safe packaging.

Customer A

PVC Coaster

I was very satisfied with the quality of the goods. Excellent service, quick contact. All perfectly!!!

Customer B

PVC Coaster

PVC Roller Coasters packaged so nicely and arrived perfectly. Thank you so much.

Customer C

PVC Coaster

Very helpful with the custom design service! PVC Roller Coaster is wonderful!

Customer D

PVC Coaster
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