wholesale pvc luggage tag
custom rubber luggage tags
Custom Rubber Luggage Tags
wholesale pvc luggage tag
Wholesale PVC Luggage Tag
custom rubber luggage tags
Custom PVC Luggage Tag
Wholesale Rubber Luggage Tag

Wholesale PVC Luggage Tags

Custom PVC luggage tags are made of soft rubber, soft and wear-resistant. They are equipped with information cards, on which personal information can be written so that even if the box is mistakenly identified by others, it can be the first time to contact you. Usually, it can also be fixed with straps as traffic cards, which are convenient to use and more personalized. The characteristics of the product selection of three-dimensional modeling, graffiti, and other patterns of modeling, after artistic processing, create a modern sense of fooling, MOE full luggage tags, I hope your journey with its company can be more comfortable and happier. Take a cheerful mood, and set out to travel.

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Specification of Custom PVC Luggage Tag

Material:Rubber PVC
Shape:Custom shapes
1. Luggage tags, as the name implies, often need to carry luggage in airports, public transportation railways, stations and other places, so some signs with signs are used.
2. Like custom PVC keychain, there are many kinds of materials for this kind of brand, and there are letters, numbers, codes and other signs on it to distinguish a kind of voucher for some passengers to store or receive things.
3. The address cards, registration cards, label billboards, etc. that people often say can all be called luggage tags because they bring many conveniences and benefits to people, and they are now widely used in the market.

Features of Custom Rubber Luggage Tag

  • Like our PVC patches for sale, PVC luggage tags are of good quality, more wear-resistant, and quick to clean if they are dirty.

  • They are definitely the best sign for your luggage. It can be placed where you put your luggage, or you can use it alone, text, style, and pattern. The colors and styles are diverse and very fashionable.

  • As custom business promotional items: at present, hotels, banks, some membership cards, restaurant VIP cards, etc., will print their logo and other information on the label, which greatly facilitates some management tasks.

  • Because of its low cost, the soft PVC luggage tag can be made into various effects on the surface, and the colors are bold and true.

The Production Process of Custom PVC luggage tags

Production Process of Custom PVC Luggage Tags

Customer Feedback about PVC Luggage Tags

Really happy with the custom made luggage tag. Came as described. Well made and fast shipping. Will order again.

Customer A

PVC Luggage Tag

Very satisfied with the custom luggage tags at a cheap price. Communication was easy. The lead time was fast. Shipping was very fast.


Customer B

PVC Luggage Tag

Rubber luggage tags are useful and decorative. To purchase bulk rubber luggage tags from YP Promotion is a wise choice. Good quality. Fast shipping. Cheap price.

Customer C

PVC Luggage Tag
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