christian rubber bracelets bulk
christian rubber bracelets bulk
christian rubber bracelets bulk
christian rubber bracelets bulk
christian silicone bracelets
christian silicone bracelets bulk
rubber bracelets with bible verses

Christian Rubber Band Bracelets Bulk

These Christian rubber band bracelets bulk with bible verses on them and are perfectly fit for pious Christians. Scripture Christian rubber bracelets can be worn during pray or other religious activities. Want to make your church or organization stand out? You can order bulk church bracelets for your church or ministry.  Our Bible verse silicone bracelets are designed for those who love the word of God and have a strong faith in the Lord, so we have cross rubber bracelets, active faith rubber wristbands, rubber bracelets bulk of god like god is a good bracelet and god is a greater bracelet. God is a good bracelet provided by YP Promotion that can be bought in bulk quantities. Pre-made templates are also available if you require customized bible verse faith or silicone bands.

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Specification of Christian Rubber Band Bracelets Bulk

Christian rubber band bracelets can be made with the scripture or the bible verses.

Material:100% high-quality silicone material with SGS certificate, Eco-friendly,
harmless, non-toxic, non-corrosiveness, PAHS free, Azo-free,
Low Cadmium, Nickel-free, can pass quality testing.
Function:Advertising and business promotion and party, wedding gift, personalized silicone wristbands suitable for all people.
Size:160/180*12*2mm, 180*25*2mm
160/202*12*2mm, 202*25*2mm
or any size can be customized based on actual samples.
Logo:Any custom-made logo or text font or number design.
Technology:Silk-screen, debossed, embossed, attached with metal, filled with colour etc.
1. 100% Eco-friendly and harmless material, ideal personalized items.
2. Non-toxic and tasteless, non-irritating to the shin and the human body side effect.
3. With High temperature and Non-cracking characteristics, long service life and Wear-resistant.
4. Bible verse rubber bracelets have a certain tension and softness and are easily deformed, and immediate recovery.
5. Multi-color and Good colour palette.

Christian Rubber Bracelets Bulk Characteristics

1. In Addition to your collection of faith jewellery, the Christian rubber bracelets bulk is the perfect way to let your faith be known in a fashionable manner. We sell a large selection of Christian rubber bracelets bulk styles, including text-only and word-and-cross options. Available in a variety of colors and designs, you’re sure to find one that fits your style best!

2. Our Christian bracelets with scriptures are great for teenagers and adults alike, they are an affordable way to share your beliefs with others. scripture silicone bracelets, also called church bracelets make great giveaways to pass out at your church’s event.

3. Our Christian colour bracelets are made from 100% silicone and printed with highly durable inks for a vivid, clean design that doesn’t scratch or fade.

4. These Christian scripture bracelets feature motivational Bible scriptures, such as "Don't be afraid, I am Your God'' bracelets, "God is My Strength" faith wristbands, and "God is Good All the Time" bracelets. These bracelets of god are sure to motivate your guests at an upcoming birthday party or Sunday school event.

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Bible Verse Rubber Wristbands Order Process

Christian Silicone Bracelets Order Process

Custom Design Of Christian Rubber Bracelets Bulk

Custom Design Of Christian Silicone Bracelets

Christian Rubber Bracelets Bulk Production Process

Faith rubber bracelets Production Process

What are Christian Bracelet Colors?

The Christian color bracelet provides a great opportunity to share your faith with others! It is designed in a 7-color drop bead style featuring six colors plus white, red and black. The colors represent: Black = sin; Yellow = heaven; Green = growth; Blue = baptism; White = cleansing (washed); Red = blood of Jesus. This is a wonderful gift or tool for evangelism where you are meeting new people and have the freedom to speak about your faith without fear of offending them.

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