Thick Woven Lanyards
Thick Woven Lanyards
Custom Woven Lanyards
Custom Woven Lanyards
Custom Woven Lanyards
 custom lanyard maker
custom lanyard maker
custom lanyard maker

Custom Thick Woven Lanyards For Sale

Custom woven lanyards are with meticulous design and hardly deform or fall off. Thick woven lanyards are made of quality nylon yarn, by environmental dyes, and through the most advanced computerized jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment. The woven lanyard can be single jacquard or double jacquard, the texture is excellent, and will not wear the clothing. It is mainly used as a high-grade hanging belt, can enhance the brand image, but also improve the added value of products.

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Specification of Thick Woven Lanyards

Size:1.0/1.5/2.0x90cm / Customized
Color:Optional or customized as per your request
Process:woven logo
accessories:Ordinary rubber ring, rotating hook, split ring, trigger hook, bulldog clip, j-shaped hook, rotating clasp, mobile phone or USB release ring, and many such types of hooks. It depends on the customer's choice

Features of Thick Woven Lanyards

  • Jacquard ribbon texture soft, delicate, smooth unique texture, good gloss, good drape and air permeability, high color fastness, Light Weight Ergonomic Design.

  • Like nylon lanyards, it is resistant to friction and never deform. Can be a single side or double side jacquard, the ribbon feel is excellent, bright color, do not wear cloth.

  • The warp and weft weave each other up and down, forming different patterns, bumps and bumps.

Classification of Custom Woven Lanyards

Woven lanyards are divided into warp jacquard lanyards and weft Woven lanyards. The pattern of the weft jacquard belt is large and exquisite, with a clear color hierarchy and strong three-dimensional sense, while the pattern of warp Woven lanyards is relatively simple and single.

The weft Woven lanyards are made of yarn woven in the transverse direction of the Woven lanyards. The warp Woven lanyards are woven vertically on the jacquard loom. Woven lanyards rich in color, not monotonous, strong three-dimensional sense of pattern, higher grade. Woven lanyards have unlimited width and support customization.

Application of Custom Woven Lanyards

  • Like custom logo medals, they are not only used for deliberate purposes, they are also used in fashion.

  • Our customized thick woven lanyards can be used to hang precious electronic devices, such as cameras, USB, mobile phones, etc.

  • Organizations use them as custom logo products to save their identity badges, badges, tickets, etc. In order to show identity in safe places.

  • They are also used to show membership. Sometimes, the lanyard is used to show concern for a special cause.

Service Of Custom Thick Woven Lanyards

Service Of Custom Woven Lanyards

Selection Of Thick Woven Lanyards Hook Clips

Selection Of Woven Lanyards Hook Clips

Production Process Of Thick-Woven Lanyards

Production Process Of Thick Woven Lanyards

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