PVC Rubber Keychain
Custom Rubber Keyring
Custom PVC Keychain
Custom Rubber Keyring
Custom Rubber Keychain
Custom PVC Keyring
Custom PVC Keychain
PVC keychain custom

Custom Soft PVC Rubber Keychain Manufacturer

Custom soft PVC rubber keychain, also known as rubber keyring, PVC rubber keychain, plastic keyring, and drip glue key chain, as the production process is drip glue process. PVC key chain modelling is classified as cartoon modelling, brand modelling, simulation model and so on, so that customers choose to match their favourite key chain. Rubber keyrings Not only can reflect the individual mood and personality but also can show their taste and bring their own happy mood. PVC key chain plasticity is very high and has become people's favourite and people are willing to buy new PVC rubber keyring products, but also a rubber keyring of good quality. As a professional PVC keychain manufacturer, YPpromotion can provide different kinds of rubber keyrings for you.

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Specification of Custom Rubber Keychains Supplies Wholesale

Material:Rubber PVC
Size:Custom promotional items no minimum
Shape:Custom Shapes
1. Animation derivatives: The general characters can be deeply rooted in the sale of plastic craft gifts, such as key chains.
2. It can be applied to personal items, personal accessories, etc. Many people like to use keychains on their keys. As decorative objects, environmentally-friendly soft plastic keychains are not only beautiful in patterns and diverse in styles but also environmentally friendly.
3. Travel gifts: Some tourist attractions can customize these PVC rubber keychains to show some of these special attractions. Many tourists who come to see these PVC rubber keychains will definitely like them. You can search for PVC rubber keychains and other things like custom PVC name patches, you can go and see.
4. Exhibition gifts: There are many exhibitions now. If you can use your own company logo for the rubber keyrings at the exhibition, you should also achieve a good publicity effect.
5. Company memorabilia: some companies are in preparation, you can also customize the rubber keyrings as a souvenir of your company or company-branded promotional items.
6. Conference gifts: If you participate in some conferences, if you carry these rubber keyrings with your own brand, you can let more people know you. The rubber keyrings can be said to be the most popular at present. The rubber keyrings can be made into various shapes.

Features of PVC Rubber Keychains Wholesale

Besides wristband custom silicone bracelets, Yppromotion, as a rubber keyring manufacturer, also makes and supplies customized 3D soft PVC rubber keyrings, with personalized designs, images, names, logos, etc. And the features of the rubber keyrings are as follows:

  • PVC doesn't hold the heat;

  • Withstands almost all wear and tear;

  • Can live as long as the life of the car key attached to it;

  • You can add as many layers as you want!

How to Make PVC Rubber Keychains

A soft PVC rubber keychain is a kind of decoration hanging on the key and can put the scattered keys together, avoiding losing keys. PVC rubber keyring is made of environmentally friendly soft plastic PVC material. The structure is composed of PVC soft rubber products and aluminium rings. Please refer to the following simple production introduction:

1. We design the drawing according to the customer's requirements, and product only after the drawing design is completed and confirmed by the customer; 

2. Otherwise, there will be a big colour difference between the bulk goods and samples. 

4. We need to adjust the colour distribution and colour dose of each pinhole on the machine after confirming the colour and their moving route. 

5. QC will be arranged to check whether the colour of each product is dirty and mixed after finishing the product. 

6. The packaged products will be waiting for shipment.

Production Process Of Custom Rubber Keychains

Customer Feedback about PVC Rubber Keychains

Five stars for the seller, the item came as described within the established time. I was helped in every aspect before and after the transaction.

Customer A

PVC Keychain

Great communication and rubber keyring. Shipped quickly and received exactly like described. Custom rubber keyring is deserved. Nice job!

Customer B

PVC Keychain

As usual, we received fantastic service and PVC rubber keychains of the highest quality. Silicone rubber keyrings, as far as I know, are on hot sale. The quality of the custom rubber keychain is good. YP Promotion is one of my best partners and also a professional rubber keychain manufacturer.

Customer C

PVC Keychain
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