How to Distinguish the True from the False when Buying a Silicone Bracelet?

Silicone bracelets are the most popular fashion accessory in Europe, America and other countries. It is a kind of avant-garde and popular coloured silicone accessory. Many big-name celebrities use it as their decorations, which can make you cool! Because of the widespread popularity of silicone bracelets, some silicone bracelet makers even pass off other materials as silicone in order to make profits and reduce costs. How to distinguish the authenticity of silicone bracelets? It can be distinguished by the following methods:

1. The difference between the appearance and feel of the silicone bracelet

(1) The fake silicone bracelet is easy to deform, while the real one enables you to feel good rebound, and the permanent deformation when it is pulled is relatively small.

(2) If the surface layer of a real silicone bracelet is not specially treated, it will feel smooth to the touch, because there will be a layer of grease-like substance on the surface layer.

(3) The surface of low-quality silicone is easy to stick to impurities such as dust and hair.

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2. The burning method of the silicone bracelet

(1) The fake silicone bracelet burns with an open flame when it burns, with black smoke and foul smell; while the burning of real silicone bracelet will produce a white flame, which is uniform with white smoke and no peculiar smell. For example, white rubber wristbands made by YP Promotion can total stand the test.

(2) The edge of the burning silicone bracelet. The edge of a fake silicone bracelet is black after it is burned, and the edge of the real one is white regardless of its original color after it is burned, and the burning residue is a white powder, which will be broken when you squeeze it. If you want to order personalised business items, please contact YP Promotion first.

3. The solution method of silicone bracelet

Take the silicone bracelet to burn and touch the smoke with a watch glass, collect the white powder, dissolve the powder in a hot solution of 40% sodium hydroxide (60 degrees), take a drop of this solution into the test tube, add two drops of ammonium molybdate, and heat it slightly. After cooling, add a drop of aniline solution and 3 to 8 drops of saturated sodium acetate solution and observe the colour reaction of the solution. If it appears blue, it indicates that there is a silicon element, which proves that it is a silicone bracelet made of silicone raw materials.

Generally speaking, when buying a bracelet, it is necessary to distinguish the quality of products in reference to the appearance and feel. The feel and appearance of the silicone bracelet are very good, while the fake silicone bracelet is characterized by low quality, fragility and an extremely bad feel. Don't buy a low-quality silicone bracelet because it is cheap, which may affect your mood.

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