What Are Personalised Lanyards? How to Classify Personalised Lanyards Materials?

There are many companies manufacturing personalised lanyards in China, and also many personalised lanyard factories and traders. The most concentrated places are Guangzhou, Dongguan, Quanzhou, Yiwu, Wenzhou, etc. Different regions have different advantages and different prices. Many personalised lanyard manufacturers in China are concentrated in Textile City in Guangzhou, and the grades are uneven. Quanzhou belongs to the middle grade because it has partly high-end personalised lanyards. Due to its national concentration of import and export trade, Yiwu has advantages in raw materials, labor, and other aspects, and the grades are also uneven. Therefore, how to classify personalised lanyards?

1. Classification methods of lanyards:

(1) By materials

There are custom polyester lanyards/nylon lanyards/Tetoron lanyards/PP lanyards/acrylic lanyards/cotton lanyards/metallic gold and metallic silver lanyards/spandex lanyards/silk lanyards/rayon lanyards, etc.

(2) By knitting method

There are several categories such as plain weave, twill weave, satin weave and miscellaneous weave.

(3) By usage

There are clothing lanyards, shoe lanyards, luggage lanyards, safety lanyards and other special custom logo lanyards.

(4) By characteristics

There are elastic lanyards and rigid lanyards (non-elastic lanyards).

(5) By process

It can be mainly divided into woven lanyards and knitted lanyards.

6) By features

There are elastic lanyards, rope lanyards, knitted lanyards, letter lanyards, herringbone lanyards, bag webbing lanyards, velvet lanyards, various cotton edge lanyards, lace lanyards, velvet lanyards, printed lanyards, picot lanyards, all popular bulk promotional products.

2. How to identify lanyards?

Several warp and weft yarns of two unknown types of lanyards can be taken out and burned with a lighter respectively. Some physical phenomena during the burning process can be observed to determine the raw material of the warp and weft yarns. It is necessary to observe the status of flame, melting, smell during the burning process and the condition of ashes after burning.

Nylon lanyards:

It has melting shrinkage as long as it is close to the flame. It drips and foams during the burning process. It does not continue to burn directly. It smells like celery. It is hard, round and light with colors of brown to grey, with a bead-like shape.

Polyester lanyards:

It has melting shrinkage as long as it is close to the flame. It drips and foams during the burning process. It can continue to burn with little smoke. It has a weak sweet taste and it is hard, round with colors of black or light brown.

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