It is Also Very Important to Make the Back of Badges

In the process of badges design and lapel pin badges making, people often think that badges design is the design of the front of badges, so they put their energy on the beauty and fineness of the front of badges and ignore the design of the back of badges.

To make a complete badge, especially for middle and high grade one, the design of the back of the badge is equally important. Perfection of the back of the badge is equally important as the high quality. Just like a person, even if his front is beautiful but his back is ugly, he is not a beautiful person as well. Here, we take a look at the features on the back of several common badges.

1. In all kinds of badges, the most common back has lithographic smooth effect, discharge treatment matte effect, and cloth pattern effect.

(1) Most of the back of the printed brooch badge is to choose the lithographic effect, so it looks more generous and fresh.

(2) Most of the back of the metal badge is with discharge treatment, so it has a frosting effect and looks more texture.

(3) The cloth pattern back is chosen on the back of the paint badge and the back of the imitation enamel badge mostly, so they look more concave and convex, more collocated with the overall badges.

2. When designing the back of lapel pin badges, some LOGO or related information is usually left behind. If you need a unique number, the corresponding position will be reserved in advance, and then the production method of laser engraving is adopted.

3. Of course, when designing the back of the badge, what kind of back you actually choose can be chosen according to your needs and hobbies.

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