What Should We Pay Attention to when Buying Silicone Bracelets?

The silicone bracelet is made of solid silicone pressed by an oil hydraulic press. It is resistant to abrasion, high temperature, and is non-deformation, non-toxic and odourless. Besides, it has a certain degree of tension and flexibility and recovers quickly from deformation. At the same time, the silicone bracelet is soft, non-cracking, and has a long service life. Being non-irritating to the skin, the silicone bracelet is a piece of good environmentally friendly jewellery. 

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Now we have many common bracelets, including those made of cloth, metal, and silicone. Therefore, silicone bracelets are very popular in the market. However, how to identify the quality of a silicone bracelet? The method is different if the material is different in the silicone product industry. We can use the following points to identify when buying silicone bracelets:

1. Smell the odour of the silicone bracelet

You can cut off the silicone bracelet a little bit and burn it with fire. For real silicone bracelets, the burning edge is white, and the burning residue is powder. After the fake silicone bracelet is burnt, the edge is black, and it is burning with an open flame, black smoke and a foul smell.

2. See the appearance of the silicone bracelet

Check if there is something dirty in the silicone product, or if the colour is a little bit biased, see if the packaging box is intact, if there are printing errors, if the bracelet diameter is regular, the "thickness" is the same, and if there is excess colloid on the edge of the silicone bracelet. Generally, for example, high-quality Christian rubber bracelets bulk will not have burrs or roughness, and the surface is very smooth. 

3. Touch the texture of the silicone bracelet

The surface of a high-quality silicone bracelet is very smooth and will not be rough, so it is mainly distinguished by the feel. The high-quality silicone bracelet has a uniform appearance, a smooth and tender feel, good toughness and elasticity, and is not easy to be deformed by external forces, but the counterfeit silicone bracelet is easy to deform without being restored. Because the fake silicone bracelet does not have a layer of grease-like substance on the surface, it will feel rough to the touch.

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