Different Manufacturing Techniques of Metal Badges

In the production of custom metal badges, some badges can clearly show their craftsmanship, but some badges use different techniques despite their small differences in appearance, and their prices and materials usually differ. Below we will briefly introduce some of the confusing badge crafts and their identification.

Differences in craftsmanship for personalized metal badges

Cloisonne and faience badges

Cloisonne badges, also known as hard enamel badges or real enamel badges, are the highest-grade metal badges of all badges, followed by faience badges. The difference between real enamel and faience badges may not be apparent at first glance. So how to differentiate the craftsmanship of personalized metal badges? Please refer to the following points:

  • Material: Real enamel badges mainly use pure copper, which is also called red copper, while the main material of faience badges can be red copper, brass or iron.

  • Color: Real enamel badges use solid particle cloisonne glaze, while faience badges use enamel color paste, thus the color of faience badges is more rich and obvious than that of real enamel badges.

  • Firing Temperature: Real enamel badges require high-temperature firing at 800 ℃, while faience badges can be fired at 100-200 ℃. The color of real enamel badges looks granular, while that of faience badges appears smooth and flat. In terms of the stereoscopic effect, the surface of real enamel badges is slightly raised and curved, while that of faience badges is smooth.

Faience badges and painted badges

The difference is relatively easy to distinguish - faience badges have a smooth surface, while painted badges have a certain texture, with the painted parts slightly sunken and the metal lines or surfaces protruding. It is worth noting that sometimes the surface of painted badges can also be smooth with the addition of glass, so it needs to be carefully identified.

Painted badges and etched badges

Painted badges have a stronger sense of concavity and convexity, with a thickness of generally 1.2mm, while etched badges have finer lines and a thickness of generally 0.8mm.

Stamped badges and painted badges

Stamped badges only have a metallic color and no coloring, while painted badges will be colored after being painted.

Zinc alloy badges and other badges

The biggest feature of zinc alloy badges is that the cross-section is generally slightly inclined, while most copper and iron badges are generally not inclined.

Preservation methods for personalized metal badges

Generally, personalized metal badges are made of metal materials and are easily oxidized in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a box that is relatively airtight but still allows for observation.

  • Keep them in a dry place. If stored in an airtight container, desiccant and deoxygenation agents can be used inside. You can also wrap the badges in plastic wrap to isolate them from air and moisture.

  • Find an opaque box and put some bamboo charcoal or other dehumidifiers at the bottom. Then, layer it with plastic foam.

  • Coat the personalized metal badges with wax to isolate them from the air. Cut plastic bags according to the size of the badges and use a sealer to seal them.

  • Find a piece of woolen cloth and wrap the plastic foam around it with the corners facing downwards. The badges can also be placed on top of the woolen cloth for preservation and aesthetics. After the package is sealed, it does not affect viewing, and it also prevents the badges from being exposed to harmful gases, while avoiding direct contact with the badges by hand.

  • To prevent rust, spraying wax is a method of spraying a protective film on the metal surface, which isolates the metal surface from moisture and achieves the purpose of rust prevention. This method is simple to use and requires hot water for cleaning. It is an environmentally friendly one-time rust prevention material.

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