What Should Be Paid Attention to Customized Metal Badges?

There are many materials to make badges, and different materials can give people different feelings. In principle, the production cost of badges is the dimension to define the difference between low-end badges and mid-to-high-end badges. However, there are also badge factories that distinguish the difference according to the different processes of badges production. In particular, badges and commemorative badges made of metal materials have become the mainstream of badges production.

Ⅰ. What should be paid attention to in customized metal badges?

1. Materials of badges

We will not talk about precious metals such as gold and silver here, because they are not commonly used materials for making badges, popular bulk promo items. The preferred material for high-end badges is copper, especially red copper. The red copper material is relatively soft, and it is easy to form various design patterns on the surface of badges. In addition, copper material has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, castability and excellent mechanical properties, so it has become the preferred material for custom metal pin badges.

2. Badges craftsmanship is also a key factor for customized metal badges

Generally speaking, the production process of high-end products is relatively more complicated. Enamel craftsmanship is one of the most complicated crafts in badge making, so enamel badges are real high-end badges. Imitation enamel personalised pin badges can also be regarded as high-end badges because the craftsmanship of imitation enamel is similar. However, printing badges, etched badges, glue badges and baking varnish badges, etc. are relatively simple in the process and can only be regarded as ordinary badges. In particular, badges made of iron or alloy are especially suitable for customers who have special price requirements.

Ⅱ. What should be paid attention to the accessories of custom metal pin badges?

1. In general, some special commemorative badges and badges with collection value can be considered high-end badges. In addition, lapel pin badges design and badges accessories are also factors of high-end badges. A real high-end badge must have a reasonable and high-level design.

2. In terms of accessories, high-end accessories are usually used, such as safety pins and tie-tack chains. Boxes such as high-end wooden boxes and flocking boxes are used for badges packaging. Besides, the types of accessories that will be used rely on the purpose of badges.

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