What Are the Types of Basketball Wristbands?

The style of the product itself is not too complicated, but there are various crafts. This article introduces several types of basketball wristbands, which are the most and most commonly used, for your reference. When choosing and purchasing, you can roughly know what craft it is and how much it costs. In the actual production and design process of this type of sports peripheral products, more emphasis is placed on their own effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the products, because sports itself is a very environmentally friendly project. To enable more consumers to understand the various factors involved, environmental concepts can be better utilized.

The concave-convex type silicone wristband

This type of basketball silicone wristband is the most sold online. The advantage is that it gives a high-end feeling because the pattern on the product will not fade. The pattern on the product is made by dripping glue into the color, which is integrated with the product itself. Just like a tattoo on a person's body, it is integrated with the body and cannot be washed off. The concave-convex wristband is the same. Not only does it not fade, it also has a 3D stereoscopic effect. It is a very popular type, but it is also the most expensive.

The printing type silicone wristband

The biggest difference between this type of basketball silicone wristband and the concave-convex type is that the printed pattern is printed on the surface, while the concave-convex pattern is made by dripping glue into the color. The price of the printing type is cheaper than that of the concave-convex type because the production process is much simpler. Therefore, it is recommended to use less water to wash when buying in the market and to protect it carefully. The pattern will not fade over time.

The screen printing type silicone wristband

This type is slightly cheaper than the concave-convex type, and slightly more expensive than the printing type. The difference between the screen printing basketball silicone wristband and the printed one is that the former looks like it has concave-convex traces on it, giving people a high-end feeling and a stronger sense of stereoscopy. However, compared to the concave-convex drip color, it is slightly inferior.

The silicone bracelet is currently the most common type of raw material on the market. In terms of overall comfort and convenience of wearing, this material can have a better feedback effect. Especially in the actual sports process, it can have better convenience. Many consumers choose it for these factors, and also because it is very environmentally friendly. In terms of its own materials, the natural pollution consumption during extraction and production is relatively small. This also fits the goal of environmental friendliness in sports. Using this method will improve the overall use effect, which is a concern for many people.

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