Four Common Crafts for Custom Lapel Pins

Now whether it is advertising promotional items, business gifts, car gifts, promotional items, travel souvenirs, luggage accessories gifts, all have printed corporate LOGO, so that the product can play a kind of advertising role. Among these craft gifts, common ones include keychains, badges, signs, dog tags, luggage tags, commemorative coins, medals, bookmarks, refrigerator stickers, golf forks, hat clips, bottle openers, and so on. So what are the commonly used crafts for making LOGO for custom lapel pins?

1. Silkscreen printing for custom lapel pins

The basic principle of silk screen printing for custom lapel pins: use the basic principle that the mesh of the graphic part of the screen printing plate is ink-permeable, and the mesh of the non-graphic part is not ink-permeable for printing. When printing, pour ink on the end of the screen printing plate and use a squeegee to apply a certain pressure on the ink position on the screen printing plate while moving toward the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is squeezed from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate by the squeegee while it is moving. Applicable materials: paper, plastic, porcelain, glass, metal (such as metal bookmarks), and silk gifts. Basically flat and clean product surfaces can be printed. To order bulk custom items, please contact YP Promotion first.

2. Laser LOGO for custom lapel pins

Principle of laser internal engraving: Use a computer-controlled 3D laser engraving machine to focus the laser on a predetermined position inside the crystal product, generate pulsed high temperature in a very short time, and instantly crack the crystal by heat, forming very small white spots. A large number of white spots carve the personalised enamel pin badges inside the crystal to form a predetermined shape, while the rest of the crystal remains intact. There are two types of crystals used in laser engraving:

(1) Internally carved flat patterns (such as company name and other graphics).

(2) Internally carved three-dimensional patterns: The three-dimensional effect is very strong, which is very suitable for expressing the main products of the enterprise.

3. Gold and silver stamping LOGO for custom lapel pins

Craft: The effect is similar to embossing, but because of the gold and silver, it adds a high-end texture.

4. Embossed LOGO for custom lapel pins

Craft: Use a metal mold to form an imprint on the surface of the gift under high temperature and pressure.

Hard Enamel Pin

Soft Enamel Pin