Precautions for the Details of Custom Made Lanyards

The custom made lanyard looks like a small object, but there are many details in its products that are worthy of our attention.

1. Selection of custom made lanyard material

There are many kinds of materials commonly used in lanyard production, and each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is hard to tell which is better or worse. Thermal transfer printing is generally used on plain weave polyester webbing, which can achieve the desired effect, but it is not suitable for silk screen printing. The nylon belt is suitable for silk screen printing, but the thermal transfer effect is relatively poor. We should take these factors into account when designing custom made lanyards.

2. The choice of printing method for custom made lanyard

The cost of printing methods will vary depending on the printing process. Which printing method is right for you depends on what effect you want to achieve with your custom made lanyard design. For simple text printing, you can choose the silk screen printing method in order to highlight the LOGO. If your pattern is complicated in color, in order to highlight the overall harmony, it is better to choose the thermal transfer printing method.

3. Custom made lanyard logo requires a clear design draft

If the lanyard needs to be printed, try to provide vector artwork. Some users don't pay much attention to this aspect, and often use some very vague JPG files, which can easily result in poor product printing quality. Or there is a big discrepancy with the original, thereby affecting the overall effect of the custom made lanyard. To find good quality wholesale promotional items, you can have contact with YP Promotion.

4. Size selection of custom made lanyard

The length of the lanyard is an important parameter, and the lanyard should not be as long as possible. Generally, the lanyard is most suitable for the wrist and neck. The wrist lanyard is generally better be folded in half and less than 15cm and the length of the neck lanyard should be adjusted appropriately according to the difference of race and age. If you don't pay attention to these conditions, it will be unsightly and will cause great inconvenience to users. The neck lanyard for European and American customers is generally defined at 45 to 50CM or a little upward, while for Asian customers, it is generally defined at around 40 to 45cm.

The custom made lanyards we usually make come in a variety of widths. The commonly used parameters are 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, etc. The ID lanyard will generally be selected among 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm types. The lanyard used for small digital products is generally selected among 4mm, 7mm, 9mm, and 10mm types. The 25mm and 30mm types are generally used for pet lanyards, backpack lanyards and digital camera lanyards. 40mm and 50mm ones are generally used for luggage straps and binding straps. The main principle is to determine the width of the lanyard based on the volume of the object.

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5. Where to use the custom made lanyard

When designing heat transfer lanyards, fully consider the occasion where the lanyard is used. Pay attention to the lanyard not to damage the main product. For example, in digital products, try not to use metal accessories, because metal accessories will scratch the shell, which is a big problem. Also, colors, materials, etc. should be considered in the design, which must not affect the main accessories, thereby destroying the overall beauty and effect.

6. The choice of custom made lanyard accessories

The choice of custom made lanyard accessories should be based on the use occasion of the lanyard. The comfort of use should be considered when we are selecting matching parts. Hanging many accessories inadvertently on the lanyard will make it very inconvenient to use even if it is highly ornamental. And this will increase the cost, which is very wasteful. In the choice of materials, hardware and plastic are very different. The weight of hardware accessories is high, and try not to hang too many because it will be very laborious to use.

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