How is PVC Key Chain Made?

Keychains are one of the most commonly used items in our daily life, and there are various types of keychains. If they are distinguished according to patterns, materials and uses, they can be divided into cartoon keychains, metal keychains, keychains PVC, leather keychains, three-dimensional keychains, car keychains, etc. Keychains PVC are the most used ones. However, many people are not very clear about the production process of this keychain, so let's take a look.

Keychains PVC are generally made of soft PVC through a special dispensing process and are environmentally friendly keychains! The specific production process of keychain PVC includes the following steps.

1. Design keychain PVC artwork

Customers can provide us with their own designed artwork. We can also design the artwork according to the specific needs of the user. Once the artwork is designed, we need to communicate with the user and the production can only be started when the user agree. According to the designed artwork, we start to make the keychain PVC model.

2. Color the keychain PVC according to the artwork

The keychain PVC starts to be colored according to the designed artwork. There are a few things to keep in mind when painting. For the color of the custom keychains bulk, it must be reasonably adjusted according to the color card. Once the color card is not combined, it is very likely that the color of the proofing and the color of the design draft will be very different and the trouble will continue. The color of the first proofing and the specific location of the coloring must be consistent with the design drawings so that mass production can be performed without errors.

3. Arrange the keychain PVC packaging production line

Generally, large-scale goods must have a reasonable arrangement before the official production, that is, before production, the specific glue candidates of the product should be screened according to the samples and the coloring positions of the personnel should be reasonably arranged according to the technical differences. There will not be many defective products during production. The wiring is actually a very complicated thing. Different patterns require needles of different sizes. The more complex the keychain PVC is designed, the stricter the requirements for dispensing personnel will be. Only in this way can the qualified rate of the product be ensured! After the wiring is completed, workers can be formally arranged to carry out the production of keychains PVC.

4. Inspection of keychain PVC products

The inspection of keychain PVC products is a very critical link. Once the products are on the line, inspectors need to soak them in cold water to cool them quickly and then bend them hard to check if the products are cooked. Then compare the finished product with the sample required by the user to ensure that the color and position of the two are consistent. Generally, the common problems in the production of large-scale goods are mainly color miscellaneous, unbaked or bubbles, etc. These problems must be paid attention to.

5. Keychain PVC packaging

The keychain PVC can be packaged according to the customer's requirements.

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