The Choice of the Metal Badges Maker

1. The classification of customized metal badges materials: copper, stainless steel, iron and other metal materials.

2. The choice of the process: The baking finish is beautiful and affordable. The material is copper, iron or photo-etched. The metal pin badge maker can only use offset plate printing for small and complex graphics with gradients. However, if the quantity is small, plate making costs will be very high, and drops of glue on the surface can be added, that is, transparent resin.

3. Badge accessories: The default customized metal badges accessories are thorns and butterfly buckles.

4. The choice of the plating surface effect of the badge: According to the artwork, the hard and soft enamel badges can be plated with gold, silver, bronze, etc. The surface can be made with atrazine, matte and other effects, as well as an additional layer of protective resin.

5. Badge price: The price of customized items metal badges is largely determined by the badge material, production process and quantity. If the budget is sufficient, please choose copper badges, and if the price is cheap, please choose iron badges.

6. Badge design drawing: The more complex the graphics are and the more the colours are, the higher the price will be. The artwork effects of many customized metal badges cannot be achieved in actual badge production.

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