How Much Do You Know About Silicone Bracelets?

As the saying goes, the pursuit of beauty is indispensable. As a kind of wearing gift, jewelry has become the favorite of many friends who love beauty and decoration. With the summer craze, wearing jewelry and accessories has gradually set off a wave in the market. Bracelets and necklaces have become A kind of jewelry in our memory, for many friends, if they want to be more environmentally friendly, the color is more beautiful, and the material is more unique, it must belong to "silicone jewelry". It is indispensable, so plain silicone bracelets and necklaces also change with the continuous innovation of creativity, so whenever a thing is chosen more naturally, there will be more discussions and requirements. Silicone bracelet jewelry is currently very popular in the market, then naturally, the requirements will not be very low.

1. The choice of silicone bracelet material

A friend asked how to choose a perfect silicone product correctly? For example, our plain silicone bracelets are very popular in the market, and the price can be said to be quite different. It can be bought for a few cents in unknown retail stores, and plain silicone bracelets of hundreds of dollars in brand counter stores will also exist. So how to choose silicone products correctly, many friends want to know, the most important thing for buying silicone products is not a well-known brand or an unknown stall, but whether the material can pass the test and whether the performance is qualified, then we can analyze the disadvantages and advantages of silicone jewelry from the material above!

2. How to identify the quality of silicone bracelets

Many friends don't know how to judge whether it is qualified or not when buying silicone products, so you can learn from the following methods. First of all, the smell is very heavy. Generally, silicone materials are non-toxic and tasteless. If there is an odor, then it can be judged that the silicone product manufacturer has not been baked, and the odor will cause skin allergies after long-term use; its second-hand feeling is very heavy, and friends who have been in contact with engraved silicone bracelets products for a long time may know that the silicone material is better, such as high tensile strength viscose, which has good toughness and good resilience. It will not be deformed after long-term use, while ordinary silicone has a slightly different feel and poor toughness. After long-term use, the aging rate of the compound will increase color deviation, whether the size has shrunk too much, whether the details of the self-detaching edge are too burr, generally high-quality silicone products will not have burrs or roughness, and the surface is very smooth.