What is the Difference Between Nylon Lanyard and Polyester Lanyard?

The difference between nylon and polyester materials can be found simply by the burning method: the polyester lanyard emits very strong black smoke, and the residue after burning is easy to crush. Besides, the polyester lanyard is easy to ignite, and it melts when it burns with black smoke, yellow flame, and aromatic odour, and the ashes after burning are dark brown lumps, which can be crushed with fingers. In terms of hand feel: Polyester has a rough hand feel, and there are obvious traces after scraping it with fingers.

The nylon lanyard burns and emits white smoke. It quickly curls and melts into a white gel near the flame. It melts and drops and foams in the flame. There is no flame when burning. It is difficult to continue burning when it is away from the flame, and it will emit an unpleasant smell. After the burning, the residue is light brown after cooling and not easy to be crushed. The nylon lanyard feels relatively smooth, and there is no trace after scratching it with your fingers. To order bulk promotional items, please call YP Promotion first.

1. Application of nylon lanyard in industry

Nylon is a commonly used material in the webbing part of lanyard products. Products made of nylon are environmentally friendly and beautiful. Due to its fine and smooth surface characteristics, it is very suitable for silk screen printing LOGO processing on the surface. Generally, the nylon used in lanyard products has higher purity, and some are mixed with other types of yarn, such as polyester. In terms of color plates commonly used for nylon lanyards, due to the common use of nylon and the convenience of small-scale customization, there are many commonly used color and ready-made materials on the market. Such materials are not limited to minimum order and can meet the needs of different customers.

2. The main difference between nylon lanyard and polyester lanyard

(1) The price of nylon lanyards is about 1 times higher than that of promotional polyester lanyards.

(2) Nylon lanyard is smoother and softer than a polyester lanyard.

(3) The abrasion resistance of nylon lanyard and polyester lanyard is almost the same.

(4) Nylon lanyard has a little elasticity, while polyester lanyard has no elasticity.

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