Selection Skills PVC Key Chain

In our lives, many people will use PVC keychains, which can provide our keys with good storage convenience, so rubber keyrings are widely used by people. However, there are many types of PVC keychains on the market. We need to pay attention to a lot of things when choosing. Only by paying attention to these can we ensure that the selected PVC keychain meets our requirements. Then what do we need to pay attention to when choosing rubber keyrings?

1. Material selection of PVC keychain

When buying a PVC keychain, the most important step is to see if it emits an unpleasant chemical smell. Certain industrial materials are needed in the manufacturing process, which can't help but smell a bit, but even if it is a subtle smell, it will disappear when you take it out and blow it. If you use good raw materials, the smell of the rubber keyrings will not be so obvious. Products made of inferior plastic must be given a bad review, because these inferior items may also endanger the health of the body.

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PVC keychain

2. Shape selection of PVC keychain

The purchase of PVC keychain shape mainly depends on the customer's preference. You can choose which type you like to buy. You can even customize your favourite type or plan a unique one yourself. Then see if there is anything wrong with the colour of the PVC keychain produced and your ideals. However, it is generally better to choose glue manufacturing. The glue system is also divided into an environmentally friendly glue system and a non-environmentally friendly glue system. It is best to choose an environmentally friendly glue system to contribute to the environmental protection work.


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3. Price selection of PVC keychain

Regarding the price of PVC keychains, in general, keychains are very cheap in the market, but this is for plastics. Metal processing and manufacturing are more expensive because metal is more difficult in the manufacturing process. Naturally, these processing fees have to be accounted for, and more sophisticated ones will be more expensive. Therefore, I still feel that it is better to choose PVC rubber keychains, because the colors are more diverse and the styles are more, and the metal will definitely be uglier if it is rusted or painted off. In this way, it is better to choose PVC keychains, which are light, cheap and durable.

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