What Are the Common Accessories for Custom Lapel Pins?

As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle, how can a beautiful and exquisite badge have fewer badge accessories? Today, YPPROMOTION will introduce the common custom lapel pins accessories.

1. Secure accessories for custom lapel pins: safety pins

Safety pins are mainly used to make larger lapel pin badges. The advantage is that they are stronger than horse-stabbing pins and butterfly buckles (caps). Common safety pins are long and are fixed on the back of the badge by liquid soldering. Customized lapel pins are designed to transform the electroplating effect.

How to use safety pins. The safety pin is composed of two parts: a needle and a needle body. When in use, pull down the pin switch on one side, and turn the pin switch on after the pin passes through the clothes.

2. Comfortable accessories for custom lapel pins: thorn horse nails

The thorn horse needle is one of the common badge accessories for promotional hard enamel pin badges. It is used together with other badge accessories such as butterfly hats, butterfly buckles, and high cards. Different badges can use different piercing needles, mainly in 8mm (commonly used), 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and other specifications. The electroplating effect can be changed according to the customized lapel pins design.

How to use the horse piercing needle: The horse piercing needle has a sharp head. You only need to wear it through your clothes and put on accessories such as butterfly hats. Because the bottom area of the horse piercing needle is small, the firmness is not as strong as that of the safety pin. Like some printed badges, the horse piercing needle is glued on with strong glue.

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3. Beautiful accessories for custom enamel pins: butterfly buckles

The butterfly buckle is used together with the thorn horse needle. The appearance is called a butterfly buckle because it looks like a butterfly with open wings. The thorn horse needle can be used to fix the badge. The electroplating effect can be changed according to the design of customized metal badges.

How to use the butterfly buckle: After putting the badge with the thorn horse needle through the clothes, open the two-piece circlip of the butterfly buckle and put the thorn horse needle on it.

4. Convenient accessories for custom badge pins: butterfly hats

The butterfly hat, like the butterfly buckle, is used to fix the custom lapel pins piercing needle. The butterfly hat is made of environmentally friendly plastic or rubber. It will not cause damage to the skin when worn. Common butterfly hats are available in two colors, black and yellow.

How to use the butterfly hat: Put on the butterfly hat after putting the badge with thorns through the clothes.

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